Sex and Violence: Social and Technical Lessons from the Perl 6 Project

Où et quand ?

  • Lieu : Foyer 4, Beausobre, Morges
  • Date : mardi 1 avril 2014 (2014-04-01)
  • Heure : 19:30

Quoi ?


In June 2000, Larry Wall announced a new four-month Open Source development effort: the reinvention of Perl. In this keynote, Damian Conway will unfold the twisting and sordid tale of what happened over the next ten years of the project, highlighting the sexy new language that has been created, the extreme violence that was sometimes necessary to make it happen, and the dozen or so harsh-but-invaluable lessons that the development team learned along the way.


Damian Conway is a prominent member of the Perl community, a proponent of object-oriented programming, and the author of several books. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University.

Damian completed his BSc (with honours) and PhD? at Monash. He is perhaps best known for his contributions to CPAN and Perl 6 language design, his entertaining and erudite conference talks, and his Perl programming training courses.

He has won the Larry Wall Award three times for CPAN contributions. His involvement in Perl 6 language design has been as an interlocutor and explicator of Larry Wall.

Organisation :

Groupe romand des utilisateurs/trices de GNU/Linux et de Logiciels libres (GULL)


Le lieu précis

Lieu: Beausobre

Comment s'y rendre

  • Adresse exacte : Beausobre, av. Vertou 2, Morges (lien OpenStreetMap)
  • Lieu du cours : foyer 4, dans le bâtiment du restaurant de Beausobre
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  • En train : 6 à 10 minutes depuis la gare de Morges
    Sortir de la gare par le parking (à gauche si on regarde le lac), prendre à gauche la rue Docteur Yersin, passer sous la voie de chemin de fer, prendre à droite l'av. de Peyrolaz puis à gauche l'av. Vertou et en haut de la pente, à droite vers Beausobre.
  • En voiture, suivre Beausobre

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